Allergens Included:
Gluten/Wheat, Lactose, Milk, Egg and Yeast

Please keep in mind that my "Allergy-Free" recipes are geared toward these food allergies only and to the best of my knowledge, do not contain these allergens.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cookbook Suggestion for Allergy-Free Results

If you have allergens similar or the same as mine, this is the cook book for you!  It has only recipes that are wheat-free, milk-free, egg-free, corn-free, sugar-free, yeast-free.

***Caution: As discussed in my earlier post, wheat-free does not always mean gluten free.  So make sure to look out for the gluten.  Wheat-free foods may still have barley, rye or a derivative which would be unsafe for someone with Celiac Disease, the most common reason for eating Gluten Free.  So make sure you identify those ingredients in the recipe (if there are any at all) and use substitutes.***

I was excited upon finding this book as it contains the yeast allergy which is commonly left out. 

You can check it out at Amazon by clicking the link below.

This book includes:
  • Extensive breakfast and dessert chapters
  • Updated nutrition information
  • New recipes using ingredients such as Kamut flour and quinoa pasta
  • How to help allergic children eat right and feel better
  • Complete guide to new allergy-free products
  • Tips for creating an allergy-free kitchen and home

At a whooping $13.12, with 350 Nature Food recipes, it is well worth the money. 

Hope that helps!!