Allergens Included:
Gluten/Wheat, Lactose, Milk, Egg and Yeast

Please keep in mind that my "Allergy-Free" recipes are geared toward these food allergies only and to the best of my knowledge, do not contain these allergens.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Common Sense $$$ Saving Tips for Allergy-Friendly Shopping

If you are like me you have realized that grocery shopping with food allergies can get expensive.  Fortunately, it makes eating out less common which saves money.  

I'm sure we have all walked into an organic or "allergy friendly" grocery store and gone wild because there are so many foods there that we can actually eat.   We aren't walking down aisle after aisle reading labels and getting frustrated.  It is easy to let that get the best of you.

The most important thing is to buy everything you can at your everyday grocery store.  Specialty grocers are typically more expensive all around which makes one-stop shopping a hole in your wallet.  If you stick to the perimeters of your everyday grocery store, it will take the frustration out and also save you some money.
  Make sure to get your fruit, veggies, meats, milk and even some sauces there.  Most grocery stores also print coupons upon checkout.  I know that every time I buy a half gallon of non-dairy milk, I get a dollar-off coupon for the next one.  This is going to be less common at your specialty stores.

I went to an allergy-friendly grocery store and bought a couple of things that I was out of along with the things I was having trouble finding.   I got carried away as everything was in one place and clearly labeled.  Upon reviewing my purchases, I realized that buying things in the "organic section" of the grocery store would have been cheaper. 

If you have storage, you can also buy things you eat a lot in bulk off the internet or at an organic-type store.  This will save money if stored properly.  Buying 10 pounds of almond flour and being able to store it is much cheaper than having to buying a 10 oz bag more often.

Hope that helps.

Fast Meals:

What I ate for breakfast:

White Rice Yeast Free Loaf, toasted
(Yes, I have changed my mind on the bread.  This is the new kind I tried which I love but it has to be toasted)
Grape Jelly
Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

What I ate for lunch:

Allergy-Friendly Stir Fry:

White Rice
Sweet Corn
Premiere Japan Wheat Free Hoisin Sauce

(Add meat and change sauce as desired)